This zoo is home to a number of species of animals some of which are endangered and growing extinct. Some of the inhabitants of the Zoo include World of Birds and World of Reptiles, are arranged by taxonomy, while others, such as African Plains and Wild Asia, are arranged geographically.

8. San Diego Zoo – 100 acres, 3700 animals, 650 speciesSan Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo is one of the most famous Zoos in the world. Attributed to its wide range of species and nearly 4000 animals. The sunny maritime climate in San Diego is what suits some of the animals and most of the animals that reside there are usually in the open air.

The San Diego Zoo has a reputation for being one of the most active zoos there in the world in the preservation of species that are bred in captivity and giving them a good home.

7. The National Zoological Gardens Zoo, South Africa – 210 acres, 9000 animals, 705 speciesThe National Zoological Gardens Zoo

The National Zoological Gardens Zoo is the national zoo of South Africa. The Zoo is mainly split into two areas one of which is located on the slopes of the hill and the other part is in a flat area. These two halves are divided by the Apies River which feeds water to the Zoo.

6. The London Zoo – 36 acres, 17000 animals, 755 speciesThe London Zoo

The London Zoo opened in 1828, is the world’s oldest scientific zoo. this Zoo is sometimes referred to as the Reagent Zoo and is home to over 755 species and 17,000 animals This zoo is partaking the Tiger S.O.S program which is intended to save and raise the Sumatran Tiger.

5. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium – 580 acres, 9000 animals, 793 speciesThe Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is a nonprofit Zoo in Ohio. The Zoo is home to 793 species and over 9000 animals. This zoo has been expanding its area coverage in order to include an African savanna as well as a polar environment.

4. The Moscow Zoo – 53 acres, 6000 animals, 926 speciesThe Moscow Zoo

The Moscow Zoo has been opened for visitors since 1864 and is one of the oldest zoos in Europe and Russia’s largest Zoo.

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