This Zoo plays a major role to the world as it is popular for the reintroduction of the European mink back into its native Estonian habitat as well as being responsible for protecting a number of endangered species in the world.

17. Zoologischer Garten, Berlin, Germany – 1500 species, 16,000 animalsZoologischer Garten

This zoo opened in 1814, it is an attractive and amazing Zoo in the heart of Berlin in Germany. It has survived some major devastations including the World War 2 which almost decapitated it but its thriving strong and well. This an amazing attraction place with a myriad of animals to see and lots of activities not to mention glorious architectural designs to see.

16. Sydney’s Taronga Zoo – 2600 animals, 340 speciesSydney Taronga Zoo

This Zoo is without a doubt a sensational experience that engages the eyes with its state of the art view of the Opera House and Sydney Harbor before one takes in the view of the wildlife.

This Zoo is home to some famous inhabitants including Australian sea-lions, Tasmanian devils, African Elephants, Koalas, Spot giraffes and many more.

15. Singapore Zoo – 64 acre, 2800 animals, 300 speciesSingapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo is open air no cages, only meticulously recreated animal habitats that befit the ones natural to the species that inhibit there.

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