Well, not just any zoo, but some of the largest zoos in the world. Are you looking for a great zoo to take your kids?

So, let me introduce to you, The Top 20 Largest Zoos in the World.

20. Belfast Zoo – 55 acre, 150 species, 1,000 animalsBelfast Zoo

The Belfast Zoo is popular for its Asian elephant enclosure, its 33-strong herd of Rothchild’s giraffes, as well as an attractive Rainforest House where you might catch a glimpse of Linne’s two-toed sloths during the summer months.

19. Artis Royal Zoo Amsterdam – 10000m2, 900 speciesArtis Royal Zoo Amsterdam

First opened in 1838, this zoo is home to over 900 animal species, 200 species of trees. The Artis Royal Zoo is encompassed with a wide range of animals. And enthralling architecture that will please the eyes. This is an attractive place to be and there is nothing short of pleasing activities to do in the place.

18. Tallinn Zoo – 220 acres, 14000 animals, 548 speciesTallinn Zoo

Tallinn Zoo is native to Estonia and is the finest attractions there. It boasts a wide collection of wildlife and plant species. Its two tropical houses feature exotic fish and crocodiles and in addition to terrestrial reptiles birds, and arboreal mammals.

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