Just to cite a few, the Japanese Alps runs through the length of Honshu including the highest peak and an active volcano Mt Fuji. Other geographical features include the Shinano River which is its longest and most notable.

6. Sumatra Island, Indonesia – 480,448 sq. kmSumatra Island, Indonesia


Despite being prone to powerful earthquakes and Tsunami, Sumatra Island is a beautiful place to live in Indonesia. It is the westernmost and the second largest island in Indonesia.

It is endowed with rich biodiversity within the tropical rain forest ecosystem that covers almost half of its area. Sumatra is a home a rich diversity of wildlife. Examples of species within this ecosystem are the Sumatran tigers, rhinoceros, and the Sumatran ground cuckoo examples of unique flora found on this island include Rafflesia arnodii, one of the world’s most smelling flower.

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