It lies off the north-western coast of the continental Europe, and it is located in the Atlantic Ocean. It is a home to over 62 million people most of who reside in the cities of London, Edinburg, and Cardiff. The highest area on the island is the Ben Nevis with an altitude of about 1344m. What makes this island indisputable regarding adventure and other touristic reasons is the pleasant temperature that is experienced throughout the year.

7. Honshu, Japan -231,182 sq. kmHonshu, Japan


Honshu is the japan’s largest and the most populous island. It lies across Tsugaru Strait north of Shikoku directly south of Hokkaido. It has a population of about 103 million 25% of which reside in the greater Tokyo area.

This island’s economy largely depends on agriculture and fishing off the Sea of Japan. It is a notable producer of rice and vegetables. Besides, the area is blessed with biodiversity as well as the aesthetic aspect of its exceptional geography.

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