Also, the coastline is served by various inlets which produce a peculiar geography that anyone would fall in love.

Furthermore, it has a high altitude of approximately 2150 feet, maximum at the Shaler Mountains. Another touristic feature worth noting is the Ferguson Lake located in the southeast of the island covering about 562 square km.

8. Great Britain 229,957 sq.kmGreat Britain

This is probably the most famous island on earth. It may just be the eighth largest island on earth, but it is, without a doubt, the best known with an incredibly rich history.

Every aspect of Great Britain is an interesting story worth narrating. Being one of the most prosperous empires in the world, it has continued to rise in power and development and most of the world states strive to emulate it in all aspects. It is a combination of Wales, Scotland, and England including Northern Ireland in the British political jurisdiction. It forms the center stage for British culture as the English language and influence remain intact on this large island.

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