2. La-ManchaLa-Mancha

The La-Mancha goat breed has a great reputation. This goat is not only an excellent bred for milk but it is also friendly. These goats have a great personality and some people even keep them as pets.

The La-Mancha breed have a high milk temperament and therefore, they are known for producing rich dairy produce additionally, their milk contains a butterfat content of 4.2 percent.

These goats are characterized by their medium to large bodies with tiny ears. Though the La-Mancha is considered a great breed for milk, they have one drawback as they are seasonal breeders.

1. AlpineAlpine

The Alpine is a French-bred goat commonly known as “French Alpine”. These goats are very easy to rare as they adapt a simple environment hence rearing them is very easy. Alpine goats range from a medium to a large size and they come in various patterns and colors.

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