The name Kiko means meat since this breed is considered as a very heavy producer.

Kiko’s were first grown in New Zealand and have since been imported to a lot of countries. Thankfully, this goat can also be bred and grown all year.

2. BoerBoer

The Boer breed is a South African native goat that is characterized by its Roman nose and long, hanging ears.

Though these goats have a gentle built, they are very strong and vigorous. Their breeding time falls in end January and September. The Boer is very advantageous since it is highly resistant to diseases. Other than that, the Boer produces very tasty and delicious meat.

1. SpanishSpanish goat

The Spanish goat breed is the best breed for meat production in the world. Originating from Spain, this goat breed is built for travel and can withstand climates from many parts of the world.

Other than that, they are friendly goats and do not require much care hence making them great to have around at home. Spanish goats also are known as brush goats or scrub goats or hill goat or briar goats, or even wood goats in some parts of the world can be breed outside of their breeding season which is very convenient.

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