These goats are very durable and are bred to withstand parasites and diseases in the area. The Kalahari are also notably good breeders as they can give birth to three kids in two years.

Their greatest attribute is that their meat is very lean, and tenderer than any other goat breeds making this goat breed one of the most preferred home breeds in the world.

4. RangelandRangeland

The Rangeland is the most common goat breed in the world. In fact, 90 percent of goat meat in the industry comes from the Range Land.

These goats were first bred in Australia and a large number of them are still found there.

The Rangeland can live in some of the most extreme conditions hence, they are greatly preferred, and to add to that, they are low maintenance goats and can reproduce even in the driest of conditions.

3. KikoKiko

Kikos are the easiest goat breed to keep at home. They are extremely stress-free and ideal for all kinds of weather even the harshest kind.

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