The Verata is a good example of a goat breed that adapts well in all climates making it easy for farmers to manage it. The Verata is easy to adapt and is very strong and durable.

These goats are usually characterized by their small size and dark or brown colors. Furthermore, if the goat is kept well, it can be bred prolifically giving birth to three kids in two years which is a great benefit to any farmer.

8. Black BengalBlack Bengal

The Black Bengal goat is mostly found in Bangladesh, a rather poor nation. As the name suggests, the Black Bengal is usually dark in color.

These goats are usually short, have small to medium horns and ears on top of their head. These goats are bred for both meat and milk. The best part about this goats is that they are extremely easy to care and look after.

This goat can produce up to 11 kgs of meat at a time and their coat can weigh up to 20kgs. The coat and meat are some of the strongest attributes of this goat.

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