Are you tired of spending a huge amount of money buying beef and milk from the store? You are not alone. The good news is there is another alternative. The best way to save yourself from paying a huge amount of money on milk and beef is through food independence; probably buying a few goats.

Yes, that’s right, there is no better way of saving a few bucks a year you spend on food and meat than rearing a few goats for yourself. You never know, it could even turn out into a huge business opportunity and you could be the supplier of milk and beef instead.

Thinking about the huge returns now huh? If your purpose for buying a goat is for meat or milk or maybe both, I got you covered. There are numerous goat breeds but not all of them can be reared for meat or milk. Below, we list the top 18 goat breeds that are best for milk and meat and easy to keep at home. Read on.

Beef Goats

9. VerataVerata

The Verata is one of the most popular goat breeds kept for meat in the world today. They are mostly found in Vera, Spain.

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