The Mewtwo is a humanoid creature designed with some feline touch features – a long purple tail. It first made its grand appearance in the first Pokémon movie the ‘Mewtwo Strikes Back’ as an antagonist. As such, it was designed to be a ruthless cold hearted savage creature that struck fear into its foe. It also has the ability to defy gravity and showcase a maximum speed of 394.

7. CrobatCrobat

The Crobat appears in the Pokedex number 41 and makes its appearance in Generation II of the series at episode 196 known as the ‘Control Freak’.

The Crobat as it appears in the series is a purple bat-like creature with 2 pairs of wings with greenish-blue undersides, 2 stubby feet, and 2 stubby fingers. This guy has evolved such that it records a maximum statistic speed of 394.

6. JolteonJolteon

Jolteon is also known as the lighting Pokémon in the legendary series. But why? The jolteon creature could just be the very picture of a dog at first glance. The Jolteon is covered in yellow fur which comes in close resemblance to sharp needles which have the ability to amplify the electrical charges it produces in its cells and result to an aggregation of 10000 jolts of electricity.

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