In the Land Forme act, it takes up green fur that resembles grass, a pink flower embedded on its side and two leaves on either side of its head reminding one of the Gracidea flowers. On the other hand, in Sky Forme, which is the faster one of the two acts showcased, this creature passes as a small reindeer since it is slender and with a canine look as well as fur on its back taking up the picture of a Mohawk plus, a petal on the right side of the neck.

In the Sky Forme form, it records a speed of 388.

9. Meloetta (Pirouette Forme)Meloetta

Another super-fast creature of the legendary series is Meloetta. Meloetta first makes its grandeur appearance in the Generation V period in the 739th episode in the ‘An Epic Defense Force’ series and appears at the 648 number in the Pokedex.

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