Swellow first made an appearance in Generation 3 of the Legendary Pokémon series. The Swellow records a great speed of 252 in its moves.

11. WeavileWeavile

The Weavile is a sharp-clawed creature in Pokémon. This creature came forth in Generation 4 as the ‘Sharp Claw Pokémon’ in the dark ice. It mainly lives in cold regions and has the ability to sending signals to the other members of its pack usually 4 or 5 for good coordination.

The Weavile is one of the fastest Pokémon in the game and records a maximum speed statistic of 252. The Weavile is really good at defense and attack gameplay on its prey.

10. ShayminShaymin

The Shaymin was first revealed and cast in the Pokémon series in 2008 in the 11th Pokémon movie. This creature mostly takes the appearance of a tiny wedge hog.

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