Alakazam is one of the most powerful special sweepers in the series with an excellent maximum speed of 120. Alakazam is best known for its mega brain and its unique tactics that deliver some of the best attacks in the series.

13. SceptileSceptile

The Sceptile is a powerful attacker with great abilities and a jaw-dropping speed of up to 145 maximum record. This a grass type creature that can turn into a grass/ dragon fuel typed creature.

You can first catch a glance of this creature in Generation 3 of the game’s series. Beyond that, this creature supports an astonishing speed and attack base statistics in the Pokémon game.

12. SwellowSwellow

Swellow is one of the fastest creatures in Pokémon. This creature has the ability to double speed when it loses a held item as well as the ability to strengthen its moves.

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