Note: All speeds indicated are in miles per hour.

15. DugtrioDugtrio

Dugtrio features a set of triplets that are said to have emerged from the same body. This makes the triplets think the same and delivers the same kind of fierce and powerful attack. They look like moles and are often just found on the ground.

Though they may resemble the mole, they have a powerful defense with a high speed, as well as a great ground typing. The Dugtrio work cooperatively to burrow perpetually. The Dugtrio triplets each has a head a big round nose and black eyes. They are quite fast exhibiting a good speed of 60mph as they burrow.

14. AlakazamAlakazam

Alakazam is an average Pokémon that is quite rare to find in the Pokémon Go as well as one of the oldest. Alakazam who first made his debut in Generation 1 of the game series, is a glass canon creature with an infinitely high speed as well as a high special attack feature. Alakazam takes up the picture of a wise leader with a beard and a mustache as well as red gem on the forehead.

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