This temperamental electrode first made its appearance in the ‘Navel Maneuvers’ series in the 93rd episode. It tends to live in power plants where power is being generated, which it devours. Consequently, it results to blackouts. Notably, the more it consumes the faster it becomes.

3. AccelgorAccelgor

The Accelgor comes in at number 617 in the Pokedex. The Accelgor creature has a massive head pink in color, with green stripes that run from the top of its head to its eyes, and a star marking embedded on its forehead.

The Accelgor first made its appearance in Generation V of the series in the 714th episode with a fast maximum speed record of 427.

2. NinjaskNinjask

The Ninjask is a Pokémon game that was first showcased in the 318th episode of the ‘Princess and Togepi’ series. The Ninjask creature is so fast, that players long thought that it was invisible. However, the creature is small, resembling a cicada with notable two pairs of wings.

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