The Zambezi is notably the 4th largest river in Africa and drains its water into the Indian Ocean. This river covers a basin of 1,390,000 square kilometers (540,000 Square meters) and a length of, 540-kilometre.

This river starts in Zambia and then flows through Angola, along with the borders of Namibia, Botswana, then back to Zambia, then to Zimbabwe, and lastly to Mozambique, where it empties into the Indian Ocean. The river is the main source of hydroelectric power for Zambia and Zimbabwe through the Kariba dam, it is also a tourist attraction site due to its Victoria Falls.

3. The Danube River

Depth – 178 meters (584 ft)The Danube River

The Danube River is the 2nd longest river in Europe after the Volga River. The Danube River flows through the central and eastern Europe. This river is classified as an international waterway since it flows through 10 countries and 4 capital cities and along the frontier of the Romab empire.

The river starts from Germany and pours into the Black Sea. The Danube River covers a basin of 817,000 square km and has a length of 2860km.

2. The Yangtze River

Depth – 200 meters (656ft)The Yangtze River

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