This river flows through Bolivia, Brazil, and Peru and covers a basin area of about 1,485,200 km2 over a length of 4, 380 km.

11. The Salween River

Depth – Varies in different placesThe Salween River

The Salween River is one of the deepest rivers in the world. This river is found in Asia and more specifically in China.

The Salween covers a basin area of 324,000 km2 (125,100 sq mi) and runs through a length of 2,815 km. The river gets its name from the people living around the area. The Salween River is the 2nd largest flowing river in South East Asia.

10. The Mississippi River

Depth – 61 meters (200ft)The Mississippi River

The Mississippi River flows all over the U.S and is the greatest geological physical wonder in the North America. This river is 2300 miles long and flows at an average of 3 miles per hour along its course as it passes New Orleans.

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