This river is rich in flora and fauna and is home to many species of birds and fishes. The Sao Fransisco River is known as the national integration due to its importance to Brazil.

13. The Purus River

Depth – 33 meters (107 ft)The Purus River

The Purus River which derives its name from Peru acts as the main boundary between Peru and Brazil.

The Purus River is a tributary of the Amazon River and covers a basin area of 63,166 km2 as well as a length of about 3211 km and a notable water discharge of 8,400 m³/s.

12. The Madeira River

Depth – 40 meters (131 ft)The Madeira River

The Madeira River is one of the largest tributaries of the Amazon River. The Madeira River takes up about 15 percent of Amazon’s water.

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