The river then proceeds on its course to drain a large part of its waters through the Central Siberia. The river covers a basin area of 2,580,000 km2 (996,144 sq mi) and a length of 5,540 km (3,442 mi) it is also native to over 55 species of fish.

15. Volga River

Depth – (92 ft)Volga River

The Volga River flows through central Russia and covers a basin area of 1,380,000 km2, and a length of 3,645 km through its course.

The Volga River is the longest river in Europe mainly in terms of water flow and length. This river is viewed as the national river of Russia since its major part is in the country.

14. Sao Fransisco River

Depth – 30 metersSao Fransisco River

The Sao Francisco River is the 4th longest river in South America. It is found in Brazil an area of 641,000 km2 (247,491 sq mi) and a length of 3, 180km.

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