Afterward, the fish develops black shades circling its eyes and an additional series of yellow and blue shades that make this fish quite a sight to see.

1. Mandarin FishMandarin Fish

Here comes the most beautiful fish in the world. The Mandarin fish is a tiny brightly colored fish also known as the “Mandarin Dragonlet” because it resembles a dragon, this mesmerizing creature is native to the pacific region and lives among the coral reefs and lagoons.

It is so small about 2.6 inches that it is not easily noticeable. It is an active and peaceful animal in the aquarium though its diet of polychaete worms, fish eggs and ostracods makes it difficult keeping in the aquarium. A fun fact about the Mandarin fish is it is known to have a smelly layer that keeps predators away. Pretty cool don’t you think?

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