Fortunately, a lionfish sting is not deadly to a human but it is excruciatingly painful and may cause some mild sickness like vomiting and headaches before it fades away.

3. Clown FishClown Fish

One of the most popular and undoubtedly beautiful species of fish in the world is the clown fish. This fish is mostly found on the coral reefs of the sea. It is orange in color with three distinctive white stripes around its body.

There are 28 different species of clownfish in the world though it’s not easy telling them apart especially when it’s a shoal of fish. Fun fact about the clown fish, all clownfish are born male and switch to female when they are grown.

2. Juvenile Emperer Angel FishJuvenile Emperer Angel Fish

This is an eccentric and beautiful fish, a young Juvennile Emperer Angel Fish is brightly colored with dark blue, white and another peculiar blue color that make striking neat circles around the fish for about 4 years.

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