Banggai Cardinal Fish feed on copepods and planktons. To differentiate between females and males, one looks at the oral cavity, if it is enlarged then you are looking at a female.

5. Rock Beauty FishRock Beauty Fish

As the name depicts, this is a truly beautiful fish. Also known as the Yellow Nanny OR THE Corn Sugar, the Rock beauty fish is yellow and black in color and can easily blend with the coral reef when it needs to camouflage.

This fish also has some black lips that are completely adored. Other than that, the beauty fish has the ability to easily dominate over other fish species in the sea and scare them off.

4. LionFish

Though beautiful, the lionfish is one of the most venomous fish on the ocean floor. This fish lives in the deep waters of the Indo-pacific, it consists of brown, red or black bands and has dorsal fins with spines that offer protection when it is threatened.

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