The Dwarf Gourami is a beautiful fish that embraces dark orange stripes and translucent blue shades on its body with some white stripes as well. This fish grows to about 2 inches in length and mostly feeds on algae.

17. Rainbow Parrot FishRainbow Parrot Fish

The Parrot Fish gets its name from the bird-like beaks, these beaks are very helpful when it comes to crushing and eating the invertebrates that live in coral. Most of the sea floor and the sand on the coral reefs are mostly the remains of the Parrot fish.

Interestingly, the Parrot fish eats the invertebrates and chews coral only to spit out calcium. Different Parrot species depict different colors at different phases. In most of the species, the initial phase characterized with dull red, gray or brown colors while the final phase is vividly bright pink with some yellow strikes or green or blue.

16. Lyretail AnthiasLyretail Anthias

This is a native fish to the Pacific Ocean. The Lyretail has quite some interesting facts, all the Lyretails’ are born as females and only change to male upon reaching maturity, in addition, the color of the Lyretail species also changes upon growing.

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