Grady Stiles was a renown performer back in the day and he used his disability to the best of his ability to entertain people and make a living in the process.

4. Schlitzie – Simon MetzSchlitzie - Simon Metz

Back in the day, ‘Pinheads’ were an especially big draw in the circus shows. Schiltzie was one of the most renowned pinhead entertainers in history. He featured in a couple of shows such as in the film ‘Freaks’ in 1932 as a female character. In fact, he appeared on stage mostly as a female character.

Simon Meltz had a condition known as microcephaly, a developmental disorder which caused his cranium not to develop. Hence, he had a baby’s head that sat on a grown man’s shoulders. Be as it may, he did not let his disability be his inability, he could count to ten, sing and dance and was a great entertainer.

3. Susi –The Elephant GirlSusi –The Elephant Girl

Susi was one of the Circus Freaks born in Berlin in 1909. She suffered from a condition known as ichthyosis; this disease caused her skin to crack and turn gray and then commenced to physically take after the skin of an elephant hence her stage name ‘The Elephant Skin Girl’.

Though she was actually in physical pain, she got bullied a lot for her condition. Susi, later on, ended up coming to the United States in 1972 with the mission to serve as part of a troupe and working with for the Ringling brothers.

2. The Human Caterpillar – Prince RandianThe Human Caterpillar - Prince Randian

Yes, am talking about a real human here and not a Human Centipede. However, Prince Randian did dress like a Human Caterpillar, he had no limbs to rely on and wore a sleeveless stock outfit leaving only the head and the torso to be seen.

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