Joseph lived a sad life that was completely heartbreaking from living with a deformity, being cruelly abused by his stepfather, not able to land a working job and he found it difficult to speak clearly. However, things looked up for him when he eventually settled in London and lived in a Human Curiosity shop where he could be viewed and paid by passing customers.

6. Julia PastranaJulia Pastrana

Julia Pastrana was a Mexican woman whose memory was preserved amounting to her circus condition.

She suffered from hypertrichosis, a condition which made her physical features more of a replica of a gorilla with close resemblance to a dog; her ears and nose were especially enormous, her face was covered with hair plus she had a double pair of teeth which protruded from her mouth.

She was married to a husband named Theodor Lent who had at first bought her and trained her as a performer.

5. Grady Stiles –The Lobster BoyGrady Stiles –The Lobster Boy

Are you picturing a Lobster Boy, well we mean that figuratively? Gary Stiles was a 6th Generation ectrodactyly. An ectrodactyly is a condition where one’s hands and feet fuse together forming a claw shaped.

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