When he was an adult, he was quite sexually adventurous, word goes around that he took full advantage of his two penises and when he would finish with one, he could continue with the other. Juan famously had a love affair with Blanche Dumas a renown French entertainer who also had three legs and an extra set of genitalia.

8. Jo-Jo, the Dog-Faced Boy – Fedor JeftichewJo-Jo, the Dog-Faced Boy - Fedor Jeftichew

Fedor Jeftichew nicknamed the ‘Dog Faced Boy’ performed in sideshows making money while some of the people in society shunned him for his physical appearance.

Fedor Jeftichew had a condition known as hypertrichosis where his face had a lot of hair, he had canines with his face taking a close resemblance to a dog. Fedor went on in his life to training as a dog performer, he could bark and growl like a dog on command. When he wasn’t performing, he lived a normal life and could speak Russian, English, and German.

7. Joseph Merrick – The Elephant ManJoseph Merrick – The Elephant Man

Joseph Merrick nicknamed the Elephant Man was a 19th century Circus performer who suffered from a condition far beyond words.

In his early years of life, he was thought by modern medical practitioners to have had Proteus syndrome, and Neurofibromatosis type I. His skin was tough and thick like an animal hide and had large tumors all over his body with a record of abnormal bone development. To make things worse, he had a terrible fall at the age of 10 which rendered him completely lame.

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