She started her performing years when she was only 13 years old and went on to work for famous people like P.T Barnum and the likes and wow the crowd with some innovative and creative antics. She was described as a gentle woman and had many scientific journals and articles written about her since birth.

10. General Tom Thumb –Charles StrattonGeneral Tom Thumb –Charles Stratton

Have you probably heard of General Tom Thumb, right? His reputation indeed precedes him. He is known as one of the most popular midgets in history. Charles Stratton, started his performance in the Circus Organization when he was only 5 years old under the stage name – General Thumb. He was only nearly 3 feet as a grown man and unemployable.

He toured the world in the late 1700s with his cousin P.T Barnum performing as a singer, dancer and playing dress up to impersonate famous people. Though he was a midget, he awed the ladies by being a complete gentleman as well as his complex acts and hilarious antics through his life.

9. Juan Baptista dos Santos – The Man with Two PenisesJuan Baptista dos Santos – The Man with Two Penises

Juan was a man who stood in an amazement of the man human body. He had two functioning penises and three legs. Yes, you read that right. His two penises were right beside each other and he had three scrota.

His extra leg was actually two legs fused to become one, with 8 toes and two heels. His extra leg didn’t hinder him from doing anything, in fact, he could walk, run and ride horses with his extra leg strapped around his thigh.

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