Later on in life, she disappeared from the show business and story goes that she indeed did get her wish. Good for her.

13. Pauline Musters – The Little PrincessPauline Musters – The Little Princess

Pauline Musters was the shortest full grown woman of all time, standing at a full grown height of 1 foot and 11 inches, she earned a spot in the Guinness Book of Records as the shortest fully grown woman in the world.

She was particularly famous for her dance routine which she performed with grace and mastery in a myriad of circus shows absolutely wowing the crowd. She later became a professional and toured Europe showcasing her excellent talent eventually establishing a successful career for herself.

12. The Puppet-Woman: Lucia ZarateThe Puppet-Woman: Lucia Zarate

Lucia Zarate is a woman who had the ability to draw a large crowd of people at the circus show. She was born at a weight of 8 ounces and a height of 7 inches. She was quite light and even weighed lighter than a cat. She was quite a sight to see in fact it made people take a closer glance at her whenever she appeared on stage.

She was born in Mexico but performed in America where she later became the highest paid dwarf in her career

11. Myrtle Corbin – The Four-Legged GirlMyrtle Corbin – The Four-Legged Girl

Myrtle Corbin was a healthy baby girl at birth but with multiple limbs. She was diagnosed with a medical condition known as a congenital deformity which had caused her to absorb the legs of her twin which had failed to develop in the womb. As such, she had 4 legs and two small pelvises which had been fused together.

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