Unfortunately, they were sold as slaves to a midwife who took all their earnings when they danced and sang in circus freak shows and forbade them from socializing. Fortunately, they were able to escape from her claws when a lawyer helped them.

From then on, they went on to star in movies and circus freak shows where they made a high earning showbiz career for themselves.

14. Ella Harper –The Camel GirlElla Harper –The Camel Girl

Born in Tennessee in 1870, Ella Harper, nicknamed the camel girl, had the ability to walk on all fours because her legs and knees were abnormally bent backward. Harper suffered from a condition which was very rare known as congenital deformity or genu recurvatum which caused hyperextension of her knee joints causing them to bend backward in a bizarre way.

Though she was a complete delight when she eventually made her way into W.H Harris’s Nickel Plate Circus and became a star and earned herself a lot of money. Unfortunately, the Circus world and fame was not in her cards, she aimed to quit the show business and go to school and live a normal life.

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