Mademoiselle Gabrielle was born in Switzerland in 1884 with no limbs and bared an exemplary example of the half woman and an independent woman even though she bared no limbs. She had a well-proportioned figure and was strikingly beautiful.

As a performer, she was always on top of her game, delivering her performance with demure and grace. This earned a high tier in the sideshow world of fame.

In spite of her disability, she was married three times and managed to make a hefty income for herself during her performing days.

15. The Hilton Sisters – Violet and Daisy HiltonThe Hilton Sisters - Violet and Daisy Hilton

Conjoined twins can have a hard time in life since they have to decide to do the same things in their lives despite having different interests. For the Hilton sisters, who were conjoined twins, they shared a common nervous system and could feel the same pain.

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