Circus sideshows might have been a vicious inhumane act as the so-called ‘freaks’ were placed under a contract to entertain people, nonetheless, some of these individuals went on to benefit greatly having become world prominent acts and profiting off what some could not afford to pay them.

Even though the appeal of the circus freaks waned off by the 20th century when people started seeing the exploitation of people with deformities as ferocious and they became more sympathetic to their condition, some modern shows still live on to keep the image alive.

So, as you marvel at the thought of whether being a circus freak was a good or bad thing, given the two-faced-ness of the situation. Here is a list of the top 16 circus freaks that can ogle at.

16. Mademoiselle Gabrielle – The Half-WomanMademoiselle Gabrielle – The Half-Woman

Individuals with missing limbs popularly known as freaks caused a reason for amusement for many people. Circus Freaks who did pretty ordinary things yet so simple pulled a huge audience crowd to come see the wonders of the world.

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