He had mastered quite some impressive skills that he could entertain his audience with, one of them being he could light up a cigarette with just his mouth. What’s more is that he did not let his disability stop him from living, he had a wife and kid none of who shared his tribulation.

Prince Randian is featured in the movie Freaks where he performs his mighty cigarette trick with ease.

1. Lazarus Colloredo and Joannes Baptista ColloredoLazarus Colloredo and Joannes Baptista Colloredo

These were Italian twins who made their debut in the 16th century by pioneering the idea of the “Freak Show”. They made their living touring Europe back in the day.

Their main act of entertainment was the most effortless way imaginable: standing there and being awed at. Sadly, the image of this two brothers was that they were all ‘not there’. ‘Joannes Baptista’ the smaller of the brothers was a mere protrusion of his bigger brother Lazarus Colloredo in the chest.

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