When people hear of carnivals and circuses, they picture animal acts, bustling crowds, overpriced rides, and unscrupulous con games where winning was determined by skill or chance. Per contra to this, this event, had a much darker and shabby side than most people really knew much about.

In the old days, there were no TVs, Radios or any form of digital entertainment for our forefathers. People had to witness some form of living miracles to be entertained. Am not talking about the changing water into wine kind of miracle, though, people would have loved that. I am talking about Circus Freaks; one of the biggest attractions back in the day was the freak show events.

History dating back to the 16th mid-century in England, tells stories of people who were suffering from a medical condition and had some form of deformities or genetic anomalies, being used as the form of entertainment, interest, and curiosity as people wilted away their hours.

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