Svedka gets its name from where it is made and distilled in Sweden from winter wheat to deliver a crisp clean taste that you can enjoy.

1. New Amsterdam VodkaNew Amsterdam Vodka

The crème de la crème is the New Amsterdam Vodka. This is the best vodka that does not need you to spend a fortune to get your hands on it. For only $15 you get a vodka that is distilled 5 times from the finest American grain before it undergoes a 3 stage filtration to achieve an incredibly great and smooth taste.

If you are one to enjoy a flavored drink, this vodka will sit right at home with you as it has 7 different flavors you can try that include coconut, peach, red berry, peach, mango, citron, orange, and pineapple. This vodka is a great buy if you are just looking for a good vodka to share with your friends or for those fun and interesting homemade cocktails you want to try out – whatever you do, enjoy!

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