Smirnoff is a recognizable brand and without a doubt one of the best premium vodka brands available, it has an uncanny smoothness to its unique taste and a variety of fun flavors to try out that hit your palette gently without any trace of a harsh aftertaste to battle with afterward. Just $14 a bottle or even less, this is an affordable price tag for the quality taste you get in this drink.

5. Luksusowa VodkaLuksusowa Vodka

Are you the type of person who does not drink vodka because you are gluten intolerant? Good news, there is a drink made just for you. While most vodka drinks are processed from wheat, this vodka is a potato processed vodka which makes it great for all the Gluten-phobes.

Luksusowa was launched back in 1928 and since then it has been a personal favorite for many people. This vodka has a uniquely rich and smooth taste that rolls around the palette of the mouth to give that satisfying craved taste with just the right amount of sweetness. However, unlike other vodka brands, Luksusowa does not produce flavored drinks. The consistency and simplicity in this drink are also much appreciated and for only $15 dollars, it is worth every cent.

4. Deep EddyDeep Eddy

This is a high-end cheap vodka that comes in at $20. Deep Eddy is one of the most recent vodkas in the market but it has gained a good reputation since it has created a good rapport for itself since it first hit the market. This vodka is made using a corn base, pure Texas water and undergoes ten distillations, to give a drink with a fine rich taste that poses competition to the premium brands in the market.

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