Thus, with this vodka, you are not only unwinding with a relaxing drink but also, obtaining various health benefits. And at only $18 this drinks is totally worth it.

7. Finlandia VodkaFinlandia Vodka

This is one of the popular names in the liquor industry and at nearly $20 a bottle, this is one of the most reliable yet mixable vodka drink you could ever purchase. As the name suggests, Finlandia vodka is made from Finland and goes through an amazing manufacturing process that will leave you bewildered.

This vodka is made from fine barley gone in Finland which undergoes more than 200 distillation steps to come up with this clean, crisp and rich in taste vodka. The best part about it other than its affordable price is the number of flavors it comes in including and not limited to mango, lime, black currant, red berry, coconut, tangerine and more. These flavors are the perfect mix for experimenting on fun cocktails for a fun party with friends.

6. Smirnoff VodkaSmirnoff Vodka

You have probably heard of the name Smirnoff vodka or at least had a taste of this crispy clean and rich tasty drink right? This is one of the widest spread vodkas in the world, it is reliable and rich in taste.

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