This brand produces a variety of flavors which come in attractive and vibrant colors you can choose from. Although the vodkas are not filled with flavors, the colors are quite appealing. UV vodka is made and distilled from Midwest grain which is really good for rich flavored vodka. This drink can be tried ion martinis, cocktails or as a one shot.

11. Firefly Mint Tea VodkaFirefly Mint Tea Vodka

This is an amazing vodka that does not need any additions. It’s clean and rich taste is great just as it is without having to mix it up with other drinks. However, for the likes who like making cocktails and mixing in other dishes, you will love it’s after effect in cocktails and in various sources.

If you have been passing by the Firefly Mint Tea Vodka on the shelves, this is one drink you should consider picking the next time you are on a budget and craving a good enough drink for as low as $18.

10. Joelle French Straight VodkaJoelle French Straight Vodka

The Joelle French Straight Vodka is a crispy clean and rich in taste vodka produced in France from soft winter wheat and aquifer water. This vodka is an odorless and clear drink mostly used in parties to mix with other drinks and make cocktails.

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