This vodka has an earthy flavor and a smooth taste that makes it a perfect choice for mixing it up with other drinks, making cocktails or taking it as shots. Other than that, this line of vodka comes in a variety of flavors that you can enjoy including vanilla, grape, raspberry, orange and black cherry.

13. Sobleski VodkaSobleski Vodka

Sobleski is a perfect example of a great polish rye vodka, made in Poland. This vodka is a clear and rich in taste vodka with a unique rich taste that is quite enjoyable on its own.

Like most vodkas, this brand has a wide variety of flavors to offer its ever expanding clientele. And for right around $12, this can be your go-to vodka for those budget days when you are craving a drink.

12. UV VodkaUV Vodka

UV vodka is a line of vodka that has gained a huge popularity audience amounting to huge success. The UV vodka is without a doubt one of the most colorful lines of vodkas you will ever find as well as the cheapest brand in the market – a bottle goes for $10.

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