Are you interested in some cheap vodka that won’t make you gag or have an awful hangover the next day? Then you have to read this article to get more juice about that. Instead of denting your bank account on top shelf vodkas like Belver Bears or Oval Swarovski Crystal Vodka there are actually some pretty affordable bottles’ of vodka you can try.

Truth be told, there is a lot of misinformation and advice out there to buy those top dollar vodkas as they presumably have the best taste and anything that does not come with a hefty price tag just isn’t good enough. But we cannot all afford the good stuff, can we?

The great news is that there are some cheap and good vodka brands in the market for those dreaded budget days. The vodka brands listed below are some of the best cheapest brands the market has to offer that you will actually want to drink and even experiment with for delicious homemade cocktails. These vodkas come at affordable prices ranging between $10-20 plus some of them come with a wide array of flavors to try out. So, let’s get right into business.

Top 15 Cheapest Vodka Brands

15. Aylesbury Duck vodkaAylesbury Duck vodka

The quality taste of this vodka in relation to its affordability will take you by a surprise. This is an expressive yet elegant grain based, aromatic vodka that does not fair the sharp edge taste that some vodkas leave without holding back the true concept of what vodka should be.

Aylesbury Duck vodka is odorless and flavorless hence, perfect for anyone craving for that rich vodka taste to quench their thirst. Coming at nearly $20, this is a great vodka that does not break the bank and lives a little more to be desired after every sip

14. Tanaka VodkaTanaka Vodka

This may be one of those good cheap vodkas you probably have never heard of. At around $12 for a bottle, this bottle comes in a clean taste that will not make you feel like you swallowing down an awful product or leave the aftertaste of an alcoholic drink.

This vodka has an earthy flavor and a smooth taste that makes it a perfect choice for mixing it up with other drinks, making cocktails or taking it as shots. Other than that, this line of vodka comes in a variety of flavors that you can enjoy including vanilla, grape, raspberry, orange and black cherry.

13. Sobleski VodkaSobleski Vodka

Sobleski is a perfect example of a great polish rye vodka, made in Poland. This vodka is a clear and rich in taste vodka with a unique rich taste that is quite enjoyable on its own.

Like most vodkas, this brand has a wide variety of flavors to offer its ever expanding clientele. And for right around $12, this can be your go-to vodka for those budget days when you are craving a drink.

12. UV VodkaUV Vodka

UV vodka is a line of vodka that has gained a huge popularity audience amounting to huge success. The UV vodka is without a doubt one of the most colorful lines of vodkas you will ever find as well as the cheapest brand in the market – a bottle goes for $10.

This brand produces a variety of flavors which come in attractive and vibrant colors you can choose from. Although the vodkas are not filled with flavors, the colors are quite appealing. UV vodka is made and distilled from Midwest grain which is really good for rich flavored vodka. This drink can be tried ion martinis, cocktails or as a one shot.

11. Firefly Mint Tea VodkaFirefly Mint Tea Vodka

This is an amazing vodka that does not need any additions. It’s clean and rich taste is great just as it is without having to mix it up with other drinks. However, for the likes who like making cocktails and mixing in other dishes, you will love it’s after effect in cocktails and in various sources.

If you have been passing by the Firefly Mint Tea Vodka on the shelves, this is one drink you should consider picking the next time you are on a budget and craving a good enough drink for as low as $18.

10. Joelle French Straight VodkaJoelle French Straight Vodka

The Joelle French Straight Vodka is a crispy clean and rich in taste vodka produced in France from soft winter wheat and aquifer water. This vodka is an odorless and clear drink mostly used in parties to mix with other drinks and make cocktails.

For all these and more, you get this drink for 418 which is very affordable compared to the top shelf vodka brands that require you to shell out your recent salary cheque which is not worth it.

9. Pinnacle VodkaPinnacle Vodka

Pinnacle is a popular vodka drink that comes at a reasonable price of $13. This brand takes pride in stretching the limits of what vodka is perceived to be and brings forth the kind pf drink any frugal drinker would be happy to have a taste of. Pinnacle is produced in France and produced from wheat and distilled 5 times.

Additionally, this vodka comes in a variety of over 40 fun flavors to try, the list is too vast and ever-changing with recent times and really grabs attention with most people dying to try out their most recent flavor. If you are into sweet vodka, this is one vodka you should try out.

8. 999 Herbal Flavored999 Herbal Flavored

Among all the vodka drinks, this is one of the best healthy options for all alcohol lovers out there. This herbal flavored vodka drink is brewed and continuously distilled from pure and natural herbs.

Thus, with this vodka, you are not only unwinding with a relaxing drink but also, obtaining various health benefits. And at only $18 this drinks is totally worth it.

7. Finlandia VodkaFinlandia Vodka

This is one of the popular names in the liquor industry and at nearly $20 a bottle, this is one of the most reliable yet mixable vodka drink you could ever purchase. As the name suggests, Finlandia vodka is made from Finland and goes through an amazing manufacturing process that will leave you bewildered.

This vodka is made from fine barley gone in Finland which undergoes more than 200 distillation steps to come up with this clean, crisp and rich in taste vodka. The best part about it other than its affordable price is the number of flavors it comes in including and not limited to mango, lime, black currant, red berry, coconut, tangerine and more. These flavors are the perfect mix for experimenting on fun cocktails for a fun party with friends.

6. Smirnoff VodkaSmirnoff Vodka

You have probably heard of the name Smirnoff vodka or at least had a taste of this crispy clean and rich tasty drink right? This is one of the widest spread vodkas in the world, it is reliable and rich in taste.

Smirnoff is a recognizable brand and without a doubt one of the best premium vodka brands available, it has an uncanny smoothness to its unique taste and a variety of fun flavors to try out that hit your palette gently without any trace of a harsh aftertaste to battle with afterward. Just $14 a bottle or even less, this is an affordable price tag for the quality taste you get in this drink.

5. Luksusowa VodkaLuksusowa Vodka

Are you the type of person who does not drink vodka because you are gluten intolerant? Good news, there is a drink made just for you. While most vodka drinks are processed from wheat, this vodka is a potato processed vodka which makes it great for all the Gluten-phobes.

Luksusowa was launched back in 1928 and since then it has been a personal favorite for many people. This vodka has a uniquely rich and smooth taste that rolls around the palette of the mouth to give that satisfying craved taste with just the right amount of sweetness. However, unlike other vodka brands, Luksusowa does not produce flavored drinks. The consistency and simplicity in this drink are also much appreciated and for only $15 dollars, it is worth every cent.

4. Deep EddyDeep Eddy

This is a high-end cheap vodka that comes in at $20. Deep Eddy is one of the most recent vodkas in the market but it has gained a good reputation since it has created a good rapport for itself since it first hit the market. This vodka is made using a corn base, pure Texas water and undergoes ten distillations, to give a drink with a fine rich taste that poses competition to the premium brands in the market.

This vodka brand also comes in a variety of flavors such as ruby red, lemon, sweet tea, and cranberry. The best thing about this brand is that the flavors in Deep Eddy come from real natural ingredients and not processed flavors which make the drinks have a crisp and natural taste and perfect for cocktails.

3. Absolut VodkaAbsolut Vodka

If you are in the mood for a clean vodka and you have yourself a bare minimum of $19.99, you can get your hands on this Vodka. This is a drink that sits right with just about anyone since it has a right balanced ingredient composition and effects in it.

The best thing about this drink that it is suitable for a standalone drink, making cocktails really well, mixes well with other drinks and it can also be used when making sauces, well, Absolut vodka can be used for just about anything, you name it. Most people prefer this drink too many others because it does not cause hangovers especially for the lightweights who can’t have much plus it does not leave any harsh aftertaste drink.

2. Svedka VodkaSvedka Vodka

Svedka Vodka is an expensive Swedish vodka that comes with an array of fun and bright flavors you can try out. This is a great budget brand not only because it delivers clean value but also because it offers a wide variety of flavors to use when making home cocktails such as the Ice Kaffe or the Clementine Crush and more.

Svedka gets its name from where it is made and distilled in Sweden from winter wheat to deliver a crisp clean taste that you can enjoy.

1. New Amsterdam VodkaNew Amsterdam Vodka

The crème de la crème is the New Amsterdam Vodka. This is the best vodka that does not need you to spend a fortune to get your hands on it. For only $15 you get a vodka that is distilled 5 times from the finest American grain before it undergoes a 3 stage filtration to achieve an incredibly great and smooth taste.

If you are one to enjoy a flavored drink, this vodka will sit right at home with you as it has 7 different flavors you can try that include coconut, peach, red berry, peach, mango, citron, orange, and pineapple. This vodka is a great buy if you are just looking for a good vodka to share with your friends or for those fun and interesting homemade cocktails you want to try out – whatever you do, enjoy!

There comes a time when all you can afford is a bottle from the bottom shelf but you don’t have to drink a crappy drink because you are on a budget. No, there are a number of cheap vodka brands that are really good for the taste. Lucky for you, we have done the heavy lifting and come up with the top 15 cheapest vodka brands you could try.

Saving money when buying cheap but good vodka can be quite tricky but not impossible. In this article, we have looked at 15 of the best cheapest vodka brands that will not dent your bank account. This list comprises of the clean, crispy and rich in taste vodka that though inexpensive, have great taste. For the list, we have looked at a variety of versatile vodka drinks some standard and others flavored vodkas to make the nice and fun homemade cocktails you like.