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Top 15 Non Democratic Countries In The World

Leadership is key and in every institution to succeed there ought to be a leader, be it in families, work centers, schools, in a country and so on. The world is divided into so many countries that in turn have formed the type of governments to rule its people, and the different types of government [&hellip


15 Smallest Countries In Europe

It’s without a doubt that Europe is one of the most beautiful continents rich in tourism attractions sites, diverse cultures, and fairly good climate. If you have never paid a visit to one of the beautiful countries in Europe, then you should plan on visiting some before you die. Europe has over 40 countries and [&hellip


Top 15 Countries With Longest Coastline

We have over 200 independent countries in the world, and each of the countries has something unique that makes it distinct from other countries. Some of these unique features may vary from one country to the other regarding natural resources because some are desserts like some countries found in sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East. [&hellip