John Mattone is a best-selling author, the #1 authority on Intelligent Leadership, and the world’s #2 ranked executive coach (and, former coach to Steve Jobs).

John Mattone is a globally respected executive coach with a reputation to ignite and motivate leaders’ inner-self and talents to achieve their dreams and business goals.

John Mattone uses (the 4As) Affiliation, Altruism, Abundance and Achievement to motivate business owners to realize their dreams and goals and to leverage their businesses.

This blog is a haven of valuable business information and great content to take any business entity to greater heights. John Mattone is a proud owner of a myriad of awards for being a great leader and business speakers.

24. Blog: The Property Management Coach

Editor/Primary Writer: Kathleen Richardsthepropertymanagementcoach

Kathleen Richards is a certified founder and personal coach running a successful business. Her goal is to work with as many residential landlords and property management owners to help them discover their goals and dreams and make them happen.

This blog works to empower business owners to know they have the power to take their business in the direction they want.

25. Blog: The Lewy Body Roller Coaster

Editor/Primary Writer: Helen and James Whitworthlewybodydementia

In a small business that is just starting out, one needs a lot of help to lead it on the correct path and make it thrive. Through their blog, Helen and James Whitworth help small business entrepreneurs build their business and feel encouraged to do so by the way.

You will feel right at home on this blog and as you swift through the valuable information on this blog, you will find yourself coming back for more as you start to see the positive results.

26. Blog: Provision Coaching Network

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