Editor/Primary Writer: Susan Paytoneggmarketingpr

Susan Payton has been a marketing blogger since 2006. Through, the years she had learnt the do’s and don’t’s in marketing and learnt the trends that always work for thriving businesses.

Through her Marketing Eggspert Blog, she shares this insight with her bloggers and even goes ahead to write blogs posts’ and other informative content for her clients to boost their sales and increase their traffic. This blog will help any business owner learn the importance of social media and how to do it right to connect with the right audience.

18. Blog: The Global Business


Editor/Primary Writer: Laurel Delaneyglobalsmallbusinessblog

The Global Business blog has been helping many business owners build successful entities since 2004. This blog was founded with the vison of helping business owners expand their businesses and make them global. This means a greater audience and more sales and of course great success.

Through her helpful tips, advice and well laid out plans, Laurel Delaney shows business owners that they have the power to expand their brand globally. Through her tremendous spirit of service and valuable information, many entrepreneurs find themselves working smarter to grow their company to greatness.

19. Blog: Snap Retail


Editor/Primary Writer: Professional Online Marketerssnapretail

Snap Retail is simply an online marketing tool designed towards helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams through their business success. This blog does this through offering important information on social media management to increase traffic, marketing skills to improve sales and so much more.

Through their daily posts and exemplary customer service, you learn a ton of ways to always stay on top pf the game and stay at the top of mind with your customers.

20. Blog: Small Business Secrets


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