Through her blog, Susan Gunelius has been recognized through a ton of awards and accolades not to mention being listed on a number of top sites and magazines acknowledging her tremendous work.

11. Blog: Xerox Small Business Solutions

Editor/Primary Writer: Jeff Jacobsonxerox

Xerox Small Business Solutions blog is an online community whose mission is to provide useful content for small businesses to flourish. This is an all-encompassing blog with information on all fields and how to thrive in any business. The Xerox community will help you stay on top of the changing business trends on how the world works and communicates.

12. Blog: eBusiness Experts

Editor/Primary Writer: Marketing Agentsebusiness

The eBusiness Experts blog is engineered by a group of designing and marketing experts with a deep rooted passion for effective marketing strategies to make your business grow.

Through this blog, you get to learn about revolutionary marketing designs that work, how to create an online presence and let it speak for your business and grow your sales, and creative branding solutions that offer long-term results. To learn more on how to make this strategies and more work for you, this is a must read blog.

13. Blog: CorpNET Launch

Editor/Primary Writer: Nellie Akalpcorpnet

The CorpNET Launch blog is focused on providing entrepreneurs with in-depth knowledge on running a successful business. Running a successful business is not easy and Nellie helps you discover some helpful ways through a ton of advice to make it work for you and your business.

Nellie is a charismatic writer who provides both motivational and informative content that is straight to the point to help you out as you grow your business. If you are on the hunt for a business blog that gives you all the nitty gritties you have to practice for a successful business, this is one worth looking into.

14. Blog: FarWest Capital

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