Editor/Primary Writer: Online Business Community


As the name suggests, the 24/7 Business News blog is an online all time everyday community readily available for your business needs.

Their sole mission is to provide all readers with the relevant information for inspiration, insight, and empowering entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level with business stories, tips and advice from successful professionals.

9. Blog: Succeed as Your Own Boss


Editor/Primary Writer: Melinda F. Emersonsucceedasyourownboss

We all want to be our own boss right? Well, you can and Melinda F. Emerson a successful entrepreneur and keynote speaker shows you how. In fact, it is possible to accomplish in a mere 12 months. Melinda is an expert on small business success, how to make a thriving brand using social media and common marketing pitfalls to avoid.

If you have the passion, drive and will to accomplish your dreams, start the journey to succeed as your own boss on this blog and learn the tips on how to start and manage your business. Your dream awaits.

10. Blog: Women on Business


Editor/Primary Writer: Susan Guneliuswomenonbusiness

As the name suggests, the Women on Business blog, and the go-to destination for women intent on being successful entrepreneurs in all areas of business. This blog has reached millions of women around the globe and helped them realize their dreams through relevant and informative business information that only works but has helped myriads of successful businesses today.

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