Currently, their revenue is over 2 billion dollars. Darigold was founded in 1918 and since then it has made large strides in improving its products and expanding its clientele around the globe.

7. Dean FoodsDean Foods

One of the biggest leading milk brand companies that are serving a very large part of the United States is the Dean Foods. The company is well known for its tasteful and fresh milk products that have become an essential part of all kitchens.

Dean Foods has some of its manufacturing plants in some countries like Belgium and Holland as well the USA. They are also a major exporter of their milk and dairy products to the United Kingdom where their products are also loved.

6. Organic ValleyOrganic Valley

If you are currently not using their milk and dairy products you probably have heard of them right. The organic valley is a well-renowned milk brand that was established back in the year 1988.

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