Mew is also considered as hard in a number of remarkable ways like easily storing 999 Pokemon in Pokemon Ranch a while ago for the Wii, and there were still a number of officials giveaways.
4. PalkiaPalkia
Palkia is without a doubt the best Uber Pokemon to have ever existed that carries the title of the best revenge- killer of the Uber tier.

His unique duo STAB attacks in Hydro surf / Pump, and Draco Spacial/ Meteor Rend destroys every dragon in the game and injuries many other Ubers in the rain setup with Kyogre.
3. MewtwoMewtwo
Mewtwo is a legendary of all time it can beat nearly all the Pokemon. In his first movie, it’s explained that he can hurricane enough to destroy the planet. He is intelligent perhaps the reason he was able to build the laboratory without previous experience in that subject.

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