The legend also got some weakness when it comes to weather, but its overall colossal attacks and not forgetting the Dragon powers makes it the best legendary Pokémon.
9. KyogreKyogre
Kyogre is a water type Pokémon that enjoy the blessing of its ability to expand the ocean. Though rivalry between Kyogre and Groudon which rules the land masses exist no one can really tell where the rivalry started and why and they all got different strengths.

It’s a member of Trio legendary that consist its rival counterpart Groudon and Rayquaza the weather Trio.Thanks to its abilities and stats that makes it considered as one more powerful of the legendary and it’s a the founder of the member team Trio.
8. Ho-OHHo-OH
Ho-oh is a fire/flying type Pokémon it’s one of the legendary that has a long history throughout the game. It’s also considered to be in the same class with Lugia perhaps because of its duo feature.

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