With a massive attack stat and high typing speed enough to get rid of other unfortunate Pokémon, it’s without a doubt that Groudon deserves to be among the top in this list.
11. VirizionVirizion
Virizion is one of the most talented Pokémon being a dual type grass fighting type; its form is believed to be that of deer type Pokémon. However, when it’s moving it appears more of an antelope than a deer, that’s why its dual type of grass type makes him stand on the advantaged side than other Pokémon.

This legendary has also some weakness that disadvantages him from other Pokémon, and that is the inability to fly and to directing physical attack is also a challenge but having said that its strengths are more than the weakness.
10. ReshiramReshiram
Unlike Virizion, Reshiram is a flying type and a Dragon. It appeared in the version of mascot Pokémon Black and its a member of the Tao Trio a major legendary of the Unova Region History.
Reshiram sided with his brother in the Unova Mythology, the brother sought the truth, and as a result of Reshiram strongly believes in truth.  The legend also shares a very deep story and a secret Kyurem that will soon become White Kyurem after using the DNA Splicers just to fuse it with Reshiram.

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